The 14th International Citrus Congress to be held in Mersin

Thisannouncement was madeformallyby the Turkish Minister for the economy, ZaferÇaglayan,who movedtoMersinspeciallyto attend thelaunch meetingat the headquarters ofthe Union ofExportersofMersinMediterranean.

This is an importantdelegationof exporters,dignitariesand academicswho participated at the Congressheld inValencialast month. Mersin hosted theMediterranean Gamesin 2013.

This event isof special importanceandhighlights the growthin production andexportof citrus fromTurkey.According tothe Chairman of theExecutive Board ofthe Union ofExporters of Fruitsand VegetablesMr.AliKavak,Turkey is the10thlargest producer ofcitruswith an annual productionof approximately 3.5million, of which43 percentare exported, puttingTurkeyin a position as thesecond largest exporterof citrusworldwide.